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unmen are giles perring and nick cash. Their first two albums 'Love Under Water and other motion picture music' and 'Music In Motion' blaze untrod paths through the long grass. Their music is hallmarked by bravura massed drumming, banshee wails of very electric guitar and soundscapes that drip with connotations of spies, religion and insomniac obsession.

'Very unpleasant and frightening...should get music banned from the airwaves' - David Quantick in NME

'unmen are out on their own - they investigate, invent, dazzle and defy description' - MIKE BARNES in The Wire


the unkestra

When they need to augment their sound for live work and tunes like 'Dark Shuffle', unmen bring together the unkestra. The floating multi-bass, multi-drum line-up includes:

Simon King [The Kenny Process Team, Orchestre Murphy] bass gtr

Nic Potter [Van der Graaf, Peter Hammill] bass gtr

Julia Farrington [Echo City] bass gtr

Ivor Kallin [Ya Basta, London Electric Guitar Orchesta] double bass

Guy Evans [Echo City, Van der Graaf] drums

Geraldine Griffiths drums

Chris Silvey [Orchestre Murphy, Grateful Dub] keyboards/trumpet

Paul Mackie [The Scars] keyboards/guitar

James Waite [Kilgore Trout] keyboards

Alan Wilkinson [Ya Basta, Hession/Wilkinson/Fell] saxophones

Rob Mills [Echo City, Big Buddha] saxophones

Mannie Burn vocals

Ian Tregoning [Inky Blackness, Yello] sound.


unmen albums

'love under water - and other motion picture music'

Some Bizzare SBZ CD 010

Dig That Crazy Grave; The Man From The Bomb; Love Under Water; Gay Scene; The Domes Of Mars; The Unsleep Part 1; The Wind From Nowhere; The Soft way; Love Under water [reprise]; Gay Scene [Remix] The Unsleep Part 2; Tomorrow And Tomorrow

'music in motion'

Brief Encounter; Trafic; Fast Trafic; The Swarm; Prepare To Bomb The Countryside; Also With You [Traditional Version]; The Honey Siege; Alive With You.

Vinyl Japan LEBCD34

'dark shuffle'

Gary; The Return Of The Johnson Five; Dark Shuffle

Limited edition numbered mini album featuring the unkestra available by mailorder only


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'Rhythmworx' - Music Library CD available from The Extreme Music Library [email Extreme], Greenland Place 115-123 Bayham Street, London NW1 0AG. Tel: 44 171 485 0111

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