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Echo City l-r: Paul Shearsmith; Giles Perring; Rob Mills; Julia Farrington; Guy Evans. [819 KB]

photo ©Douglas Cape 1998


Echo City at Dungeness in July 1998 - photo ©Douglas Cape 1998 [2.8 MB]


Echo City 'live' in Berlin - photo Lars Kuhfuß. ©Echo City 1997 [1,005 KB]


Echo City and The Siren Project working out on drums - photo ©Giles Perring 1997 [1.3MB]


Echo City - xylophone fun - photo ©Douglas Cape [480 KB]


Echo City - Clangerphone workout - photo ©Giles Perring [2 MB]


Echo City - clangerphones at Hayward Playground - photo ©Leon Morris [1.9 MB]