Echo City is a unique musical experience.

Since 1983, Echo City has been building its sonic playgrounds, running music workshop projects, performing and recording. Based in Islington, London, it has worked throughout the UK, Belgium, Eire, Germany, North America and the Far East.

After building its first Sonic Playground in London's East End in 1983, its unique interactive musical journey took to the road for the first time at the Pendley Jazz Festival in 1985. Since then, Echo City's direct and accessible style of performance and their participatory music making has won over many audiences.

Their music is at once joyful, dancable, funny and hugely experimental. Check out their latest mini CD 'single2000' for proof.

Echo City are: Paul Shearsmith, Giles Perring, Rob Mills, Julia Farrington, Guy Evans   

Contacting Echo City: 54 Falkland Road, London NW5 2XA, UK

Telephone: [44] [0] 207 424 0772